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Co creation - Organic architecture

send in your request for on-line consult

how to work with the on-line architect

Co-creation - organic architecture

55 euro per hour                                               10 hour retainer after 1st consult

architectural service fees (paid through PayPalare as follows

$55 initial consultation (one hour)

$55 per hour

$550 monthly retainer

To receive a consultation from online architect Gijs Hooft Graafland, please fill out the form below. Attach project description + photos/video.

Request help with any of the following concerns:

- creative concept development

- green building solutions/advise

- lay -out and floor plans

- energy plan

- building material selection

-building/construction method

- Architectural advice

- Creative solutions

- Sustainable solutions

- cost estimation

- 3D visualization of your ideas

- the ears and eyes of a seasoned architect

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