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Is my service 'low-cost' ? I don't know, it may be a lot of money for you to spend on advice and a few drawings. Is the value  high of what I do? I think so, competition and the pressure of time have forced the architect to become more and more efficient and to do more in less time. The same has been true for me. I was trained on a drawing board with a ruler and a pencil and leaking ink pens which seems ages ago. Now I make virtual models on a computer and do the work of many people all by my self. My love and passion for the trade have also deepened which, in my opinion add value to the product that I deliver. 

I was trained to think as a master builder but I have reduced my team to a simple computer with some smart software.

Yes you will get great value if you hire me to do architectural work for you and yes, because of the technology of today,  I can offer you this for a very low cost. 

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