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Green Building has been a big thing for me since I became an architect, I guess 20 years ago. We experimented with straw bail houses and rammed earth constructions. I studied everything there was to find on solar panels and stuff like that. Over the years my relationship with sustainability has shifted, it has matured and I have come to believe that sustainability is actually something that starts with architecture and the way  we experience it. It has to do with smart design but also design that is pleasant and comfortable.


The building should have a personality that makes you love it and sustain it for as long as you can. Really taking care of architectural details and how they effect the experience is truly where sustainability starts. A well designed building makes us want to care for it and renovate it, even restore it at the end of a lifecycle.

Green building and sustainability are an essential part of my practice. They are an intricate part of my design process and  actually start from the very first line that I put on paper.

Naturally while I design, I will include means to reduce the energy consumption to next to nothing or even zero, I will apply beautiful and durable building materials and, as I said earlier, all this creates a  building that has soul.

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