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- projects management

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Architectural services

Meet the architect


The Architect:      

An experienced professional with a love for craftsmanship and green building 

local - international  - on-line

A short biography

I was educated at the Delft University of Technology in architectural engineering and design. After 5 years of study, I left for the United States and started my design build company. I realised projects of various size and complexity.

After 10 years of working experience in the United States, I returned to the Netherlands to finish my Masters Degree. My masters project was the design of a temple.


Back in the Netherlands, I opened my own architectural firm with staff and did a number of large national and international projects. (largest budget € 26.000.000) 

In 2008 during the financial crisis, I lost all my revenue and with that my office and faithful employees. As a lone architect, I continued my practice until 2012. By then the bank had taken all my belongings and my house.

I moved to Belize (Central America) and took over an architectural practice of a retiring suisse architect. In the end he could not let go, so I had to move on.


A bit disillusioned, In 2017 I finally settled in France in the Creuse and have been doing mostly remodellings for Dutch clients.  

Arch process + master buildr

My Qualities:

-an experienced architect

-advanced computer skills


-finder of creative solutions

-sustainability expert

-refined leader skills

-good project manager


-lots of hands-on building experience

I am available for all architectural related projects



Green building



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