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What a great time we live in, we are all connected through the world wide web and we are slowly starting to see its value. Imagine that you can hire an architect somewhere in this world that is willing and able to give you advice on matters of sustainability and how to optimise the space around you. That moment has come: 'the on-line architect'.

Hiring an architect is as easy as turning on your computer and typing this address and all of a sudden you can get advice on all the matters of architecture.

For me as an architect I had to get used to not having an office and  to be easily accessible. For me working through the internet is like being in a small scale community in which I have a skill that I am willing to share with you without all the red tape and formalities.

Let me have a look at your plans and ideas and let's see if I can be of help. Send me the specs, some photographs of your project , and I will lend you my skills and experience. Just like that, from wherever you are.  


The great advantage of the on-line architect is that you can decide on the scope of the work and the intensity of the communication. You will find that the on-line architect is much easier to reach and that specific advice is much easier obtained. With the on-line architect you pay as you go and there are no strings attached. Easy and safe. This allows me to do jobs all over the world and for you to hire a well trained and seasoned architect from the ease of your home. 

Since you are reading this website, you are ready to hire the on-line architect and enjoy the possibilities of the world wide web. 

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