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Organic architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright the greatest architect that ever lived, has a way of describing the value that can be added by architecture and especially organic architecture in which Buildings are inspired by their natural environment and when realised enhance the beauty and quality of their surrounding. 

Just as a large old beech tree placed in the middle of a field can enrich its environment, a well-designed building can add value to the interior space it encloses, as well as to the landscape in which it is placed. Durability and happiness are often weighed on the material elements of a construction while they only gain their value when the third, the invisible aspect, being beauty and harmony, has been answered.

That is why architecture, and in this case organic architecture inspired in part by e.g. FLW, is the essential factor of this project, where the insights gained in the design of the temple now serves as inspiration for heart-pleasing buildings.


Following are some inspiring quotes from a man that shaped the architectural landscape of our era:

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© 2021 BY Gijsbert Hooft Graafland 

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