Two of the most sustainable and renewable materials on this earth with unsurpassed qualities, Bamboo and Hemp, brought together and synthesised in a revolutionary building method that is low- impact, quick, easy and especially beautiful. Organic architecture becomes the gateway to the process of us slowly merging back and engaging with our natural environment.

organically designed buildings and houses

rond schaal model.jpg


ingeniously constructed bamboo support structures

bamboo constructie 1.jpg


monolithic wall, floor and roof systems filled in with durable hemp-crete

hempcrete spray on2.jpg

The end result

Sustainable and green structures, easy to construct and fit for all climate types, all budgets and all comfort and luxury requirements. All brought together by an organic design approach that nourishes our soul and harmonises us with our natural environment en each other. As the architect I would love to facilitate this whole process for you. 

The magic Building method

© 2021 BY Gijsbert Hooft Graafland 

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