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redefining sustainable building

Two of the most sustainable and renewable materials on this earth with unsurpassed qualities, Bamboo and Hemp, brought together and synthesised in a revolutionary building method that is low- impact, quick, easy and especially beautiful. Organic architecture becomes the gateway to the process of us slowly merging back and engaging with our natural environment.

Introducing a building method combining hemp en bamboo 
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Industrial hemp

Hemp grows up to 4 meters high in a season and can then be directly converted into a raw material for construction products. The so-called hemp concrete is a mixture of the interior of the hemp stem, lime and water. This hemp concrete is many times lighter than cement-based concrete, and retains its functionality for many years longer. (300 years versus 40 to 50 years). Hemp concrete has the same insulating value as fiberglass insulation and allows a monolithic wall structure, i.e. only one material and one application for the entire wall.

the aim of this initiative is to demonstrate the feasibility, efficiency and all other advantages of this combination of building materials in the realization of, first a prototype and later in the realization of many projects.

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Bamboo is a very durable material with many attractive properties for construction. It is strong, lightweight, flexible and easy to connect. It offers the builder a lot of freedom in the shape of the object to be built and leaves a lot of space for an unspoilt creative creation.

Stronger than steel

Bamboo may look light and fragile, but in case of this material – looks are deceiving. 

Research shows the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 pounds per square inch. That`s more than steel which measures at 23,000 pounds per square inch.

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Organic architecture


Building methods are willing tools to create a house, a building, a bridge, etc. The quality of the expression is determined by the architect. The architect defines the concept and describes the final appearance and the experience. This intangible aspect of each building has a far reaching influence on how we live our life, how we experience our life and finally how we enjoy our life. 

Organic architecture taps into the force of the immeasurable wisdom of nature, it’s economic use of forms and proportions, its reference to all life and the survival instinct to harmonise with the natural given environment and therefore goes graciously beyond pure functionality, rationally determined objectives and a ‘we rule the world’ attitude.

We are coming to an age where we knowingly and god- forbid unknowingly, demand a living environment that is more in line with who we truly are as human beings, children of God and stewards of this earth, waking up to the subversion to a materialistic matrix. 

Organic architecture has the power to return us to free prosperous and united.


The building method 


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=>The magic concept<=

The many advantages of bamboo, like its strength, its lightness, its flexibility, are used to create a support structure for the house or building. Once all the plumbing, wiring and other infrastructure is attached to the structure, the hemp-crete is sprayed on the structure to form a monolithic wall system. 

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