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Let's build Community... 

a new age asks for a new centre for our community

A New centre for your community

We want to come together, we want to feel connected, we want to be inspired by each other and by a force that we know exists but is often so intangible (some call it God). We want a building that is beautiful, is protective, is spacious, is inviting and a building that gives us a feeling of togetherness. We are together to enjoy, to celebrate, to witness, to feel supported, to love and be loves, to dance, to share, in short to express ourselves as a human being. 

We need a building that accommodates all these experiences and that enforces all the good intensions that live among us as a community. 

We want to feel that we are children of God and that we can express all of our God-given beauty and joy.

We want a dedicated community building in the centre of our town

Watch the design proces  for a Temple!​​​​


Learn how magic is introduced in the designproces of your community centre

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