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Your home (as a sacred place)

Organic architecture

The home as our sanctuary, without any judgment, but the homes that we have been living in are maybe beautiful, practical and comfortabel, but they are in the end just glorified boxes. Not exactly stimulating for our souls to grow and our creative energy to soar. We are organic living beings and for us to thrive, we need to surround ourselves with the energy, the light and the shapes that reflect that 'aliveness' in our day to day environment. 

I was greatly inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, maybe the greatest architect of our time, who describes the value that can be added by an organically inspired architecture in which Buildings are inspired by their natural environment and as creations of inspiration and creativity, enhance the beauty and quality of their surrounding. 

Just as a large old beech tree placed in the middle of a field can enrich its environment, a well-designed home, makes us feel connected and home to a place that resonates with our heart. A well designed house is durable, not just because its technical features, but rather because of its beauty and the joy that it gives, living in it.

I design homes that are an extension of the place in which they are created and an endless joy for the people that live in them.

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